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Tüzüm Kızılcan


    Born in 1941, Mehmet Tuzum Kizilcan started working in ceramics as a hobby in 1959 in Füreyya Koral's Workshop Istanbul.

    Leaving his studies in Electrical Engineering at Istanbul Technical Univercity, he worked in Eczacibasi Taylan Ceramic Factory before enroling in the art department of Werkkunst Schule Offenbach am Main, Germany. He graduated in 1965. After working as an artist at Gorbon-Isil Ceramics Factory Istanbul, he established his own ceramics business in 1968 and has since combined directing his own company, SERSA, while working & exhibiting as an artist and lecturing at Ege University College and Dokuz Eylül University Fine Arts Faculty -Ceramics and Traditional Pottery.

    Mehmet Tuzum Kizilcan has held 22 solo exhibitions both in Turkey and abroad. 45 joint exhibitions and has presented dozens of worskshops both local and International.

    He is a member of the UPS (International Plastic Arts Association) and the Turkish Ceramics Association. He is Creator of “EGEART”, a board member of the International Ceramic Artists Association.

    He has been awarded numerous international awards and his work is represented in collections and museums throughout the world.

    He continues to pursue his passion for ceramics and porcelain in his own studio workshop in İzmir

1960 - Eczacibasi Ceramics Factory, Art Department
1961 - İstanbul Taylan Ceramics, Art Department
1962 - Graduate Werkkunts Schule Offenbach Am Main , Germany
            Department of Art - Ceramics
            Contestant and Exhibitor ; International Academy of Ceramics, Exposotion
            Internationale de la Ceramique Comtemporaine, Prague, Czech Republic
1963 - Exhibition- Istanbul Contemporary Turkish Ceramics
1964 - International Gualdo Ceramic Contest and Exhibition, Italy
1965 - Artist Istanbul Gorbon Isil Ceramics Factory
1970 - Established own ceramics business in Izmir, Turkey
1973 - Joint Exhibition-Turkish Ceramic and Glass Artworks -15th year Exhibition
1985 -1988 Instructor at İzmir Art and Sculpture Museum Ceramics Area
1986 - International Congress for Turkish Tiles and Ceramics, Kütahya
1988 - Lecturer Ege University Ceramic College
1988 -1998 Lecturer Dokuz Eylül University Department of Art _Ceramics & Glass
1989 -2004 Lecturer Dokuz Eylül University Traditional Handicrafts Turkish Tiles Department
1991 - Exhibition- Füreyya 40th Art Year Exhibition- Maçka Art –İstanbul
1992 - Chios Island Art Days, Art Exhibition, Greece
1993 - Admitted to membership of Unesco AIAP - The International Association of Art
            Workshop and Exhibition- Arizona Clay Stamp, Northern Arizona University
            Art Museum and Galleries , USA
1994 - Solo Exhibition- İzmir Art and Sculpture Museum
            Art consultant Metropolitan Municipality of İzmir.
            Exhibition- Prague International Academy Of Ceramics , Czech Republic
1996 - Solo Exhibition - Cetin Emec Art Gallery-İzmir
1997 - Solo Exhibition- Palet Art Gallery –Eskişehir
            Solo Exhibition- “İzler-İzlenimler” Ceramic Exhibition – Adnan Franko Art            Gallery –İzmir
            Bozüyük Municipality Public Areas Ceramic Object Workshop-Uğur Mumcu Park, Bilecik
1998 - Lesbos Island- Mandamanos Turkish-Greek Ceramic Symposium, Greece
            Joint Exhibition-Vitra Ceramic Art Workshop, Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, Ankara
            Joint Exhibition-Vitra Ceramic Art Workshop -Solo Impressions, Dolmabahçe Palace Cultural
            Center, İstanbul
            Joint Exhibition- Kültürpark- İzfaş Art Gallery, İzmir
            Çanakkale Ceramic Joint Exhibition- Can İbrahim Bodur Ceramic Museum
1999 - Joint Exhibition- Interpretation from Traditional to Contemporary Art Ceramics Exhibition,
            Canakkale Ceramic
            Joint Exhibition- Vitra Ceramic Art Atölyesi Exhibition- Solo Impressions 2,
            Art and Sculpture Museum, Istanbul
            Turkish- Greek Artists Smoke Firing and Raku Techniques Workshop and Exhibition Alaçatı,
            Çeşme, İzmir
            Joint Exhibition-Adnan Franko Art Gallery, Turkish Greek Ceramic Artists Raku Exhibition
2000 - International Ceramic Symposium, Seferihisar, İzmir
            Turkish and Greek Ceramic Artists Workshop and Joint Exhibition, Kefki,
            Atina, Greece
2001 - Turkish and Greek Ceramic Artists Workshop and Exhibition- Garanti
            Art Gallery- İstanbul
            Judge International Pottery Contest, Menemen, İzmir
            Joint Exhibition -Cross Section of Masters of Ceramic Artists - Tolga Art Evi-İstanbul
            Hacettepe University. Faculty of Fine -Ceramics Workshop for Construction of Wood and Salt
            Kilns with Fred Olsen
2005 - Canakkale University,Workshop
            Solo Exhibition – Sait Halim Paşa Yalısı
2006 - Midilli Mandamados 11th Traditional Ceramic Symposium, Greece
            Odtü Art Festival
            Turkey- Korea Alaçatı Ceramic Workshop
2007 - Exhibition -Turkish Ceramic Art
            The Ceramics and Glass area of the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts Faculty
            Seres International Ceramic, Glass, Porselain and Glaze Congress
2007 - Ege University 2nd Egeart Art Festival- Art Consultant
            2nd Egeart Art Festival–Exhibition for respect to the masters
            2nd Egeart Art Festival– Honour Prize
            6th International Avanos Applied Ceramic Symposium and Salt Firing Workshop
            Solo Exhibition, İsrael
2008 - International Zibo Ceramic Art Forum, China
            6th Symposium of Mediterrenan Art Ceramics
            8th International Ceramics Exhibition “Contemporary Ceramic Artists”
            International Ceramic Centre Museum- Greece
            Kangham University International Society for Ceramics Art Education and
            Exchange Symposium –Nairobi,Kenya
            Afyon Kocatepe University 7th Ceramic Congress- Judge
            Konya Selçuk University 6th Traditional Nevruz Joint Exhibition
            Kapadokya College “VI. International Avanos Appplied Ceramic
            Symposium and Salt Kiln Workshop”
            Joint Exhibition, Tema Foundation
2009 - Curator -Ege University 3rd Ege Art Festival
            Solo Exhibition- Maçka Art Gallery, Shapes of Ceramic, İstanbul
            Joint Exhibition, Father and Son, Lush Hotel, İstanbul
            Seres International Ceramic, Glass, Porselain, Glaze Congress
2010 - Joint Exhibition, Impress, Nokta Art Gallery, İstanbul
            Zibo, İnternational Forum of Ceramic Art, China
            Board Director International Ceramic Artists Association.
            4th International Eskişehir Teracotta Symposium
            Battalgazi Belediyesi “3rd International Kervansaray Meeting” Joint
            Exhibition, Malatya
            3rd Traditional Kütahya Pottery Symposium and 1st Avrasya Ceramic Congress , Kütahya,
            Afyon Kocatepe University, Joint Exhibition
            International Eskişehir Terracotta Symposium
2011 - Değirmendere Applied Ceramic Symposium, Kocaeli
            Ege University 4th Ege Art Days Executive Council- Curator
            Hacettepe University, Macsabal Wood Firing Symposium, Ankara
            International Woodfire Festival, Zibo,China
            Exhibition, An-Yang City, Seoul, Korea
            Exhibition , Ongi, Seoul, Korea
            Exhibition, Gimyea, Korea
            Artistic Consultant of Zibo Taishan Ceramics Worksop, China
2012 - World Art Olympics Association, Deputy Chief
            World Art Olympics ,International Ceramic Symposium,
            Zagreb, Crotia
            Atatürk Kültür Merkezi İzmir, solo Exhibition, "lyric reflections"
            Bodrum, Dibeklihan, Solo Exhibition.
            Exhibition, İstanbul, Ümraniye, Galeri 5, Anel Business Center
            İzmir, Kedi Kültür Art Gallery, solo Exhibition.
            Exhibition, Tatva Utrayan Art Center, Vadadora, India
2013 - Solo Exhibition, Dream Blind, Hilton Hotel Art Gallery, Kuşadası
            İnternational Ceramic Worksop of the 7th Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale. Korea.
            Namı Island International Pottery Festival. KOREA
            Nami Island, Wood Klin Firing, Exhibition in Nami Gallery, KOREA.
            ISCAEE, International Ceramic Exhibition , Antalya-TURKEY.
2014 - Hacaettepe University, Macsabal Wood Firing Symposium, Ankara
            1st Mehmet Nuri Göçen Ceramic Workshop
2015 - Marmara University, Saggar Firing Technique Workshop, İstanbul
            Ege University 60th Year Exhibition “60. Yılda Ege Buluşması”, İzmir
            Nami Island International Pottery Workshop, KOREA
            Ege University 6th Ege Art Days
2016 - The 7th International Ceramic Festival Selsius, Malaysia
            Nami Island International Ceramic Festival, KOREA


■Gualdo Tadino – Italy
■Darmstadt Kunst Verein- Germany
■Nebraska Peace Park – USA
■Northern Arizona University Art Museum- USA
■Prague Decorative Art Museum – Czech Republic
■The Training and Technical Museum, Qingdao, China
■Zibo International Art Gallery , Ceramic Museum ,China
■Nairobi Ceramic Museum, Kenya
■İzmir Art and Sculpture Museum
■İstanbul Art and Sculpture Museum


1962 - Exposotion Internationale de la Ceramique Contemporaine
            Prague – Silver Medal
1964 - International Gualda Tadino International Ceramic Contest - First Prize
1965 - Werkkunts Schule Offenbach am Main, PremierPrize
            Offenbach Am Maın Offenbach Municipality Prize.
2006 - Best Foreign Artist Prize, Mandamados, Greece
2007 - 2nd Egeart Art Festival – Honour Award
2010 - Honorary Professor, Shandong University of Art and Design, China
2011 - First Shandong Pottery and Ceramic Art Festival – Excellent Work Award, Shandong, China

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Mehmet Tüzüm Kızılcan